Need for Speed

Best Racing Games Franchise Now Come On Movie

Since the first release on August 31, 1994, the video game 'Need for Speed' did seize the attention of many gamers. Video game developed by Electronic Arts has also been appointed to the big screen on March 12, 2014. Now the news blows if it will be reissued a second sequel to the action thriller genre film. In the first sequel, 'Need for Speed' starring some famous actors like Aaron Paul, Dominic Cooper and Scott Mescudi. This film is less successful in fact the US market. Film director Scott Waugh was only able to reap revenues of 43.5 million USD. The film that could reap a lot of criticism that was apparently successful in China. Ticket sales at the bamboo curtain country reached 66.2 million USD.

Apart from the fact of its beautiful scenery, you can also enjoy the recreation around the Lake and one the famous thing to do is boating. You can find boat available on lakeside at a cheap price like 50,000 IDR. The maximum capacity of each boat would be 10 persons and the boat only left when it is fully loaded. You can also find a small island called the Likri Island at the center of the Lake but not all the boats take the route of this Island, so you have to careful while choosing the right boat if you want to visit the Likri Island. On Tondano Lake fish is one of the famous things to try. There are many restaurants, which make a taste dish from Nike fish and most residents make grilled fish and fish meat from Nike fish. If you want to stay for a long time, you can find many home stay accommodation and cheap hotel with all the facilities.

Bad Words

Bad Words Funny Movies You Should Watch Because It Surely Will Give You Laugh

I never knew that spell the word contest in 'Murica there is something to be taken seriously. At least that's what I see from the film Bad Words, the film has a premise about a 40-year-old man who entered the contest to spell the word that is intended for elementary school children. Film Bad Words is a film debutant Jason Bateman as a director of feature-length films, there is also an actor who has been poor across the Hollywood film industry became the main character, namely Guy Trilby, a man of 40 years who somehow seems filled with anger pent when the contest spell. As a result, the film Bad Words starting with action Guy won the regional spelling contest took herself to a national contest called Golden Quill. Guy was not alone; he was accompanied by a reporter sponsoring crazy action, namely Jenny (Kathryn Hahn). Jenny curious sponsoring Guy because wanted to write a story about the guy who was acting somewhat 'delusional', the problem is Jenny did not know what the real motive Guy spelling contest this level of primary school children in addition to screw up and swearing in front of the parents.

But Guy spelling prowess threatened by the presence of a bloody Indian boy named Chaitanya Chopra (Rohan Chand) which turned out to be a genius is also in trouble spelling. The problem Chaitanya an innocent boy who saw the guy from a different perspective, he considers Guy is a nice guy, not a man who often speak harsh words, though in reality it is like that. Bad Words is one comedy Jason Bateman actually a rather dark and somewhat brutal, already visible from color tone which seemed to reinforce that this is the character of Guy Trilby gloomy person. Bad Words is a comedy drama that is packed very nice and shows the permissibility of a Jason Bateman in concocting the plot until thoroughly enjoyable.

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